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Take flight with AvPro: The industry’s most reliable maintenance software solution.

AvPro Software is a flexible and modular
suite of aircraft maintenance applications
that can be purchased as standalone
or seamlessly integrated together

Key Features
  • Customization: AvPro is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor forms and modules to meet your specific needs.

  • User-Defined Picklists: Reduce errors and save time with user-defined picklists for form sign-offs, inspection notes, and more.

  • Security and Data Editability: Maintain data security with user log-on security access restriction by module and data editability by user level.

  • Robust Reporting: AvPro's feature-rich functionality includes robust reporting options, exporting data to Excel, CSV, and other formats.

Work Order Management

Streamline your aviation maintenance processes with AvPro's Work Orders module. Create, manage, and track work orders with ease, ensuring efficient operations and timely completion of tasks. AvPro allows you to clone past work orders, copy tasks between work orders, and even import/export work orders for seamless integration. Customize your work order templates and generate FAA/EASA compliant forms, such as FAA 8130 and FAA Form 337. Track technician parts requests and manage labor times accurately. With AvPro's work order module, you'll experience increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Parts Inventory

Efficiently manage your aviation parts inventory with AvPro's Parts Inventory module. Enjoy unlimited part number database capacity, barcode-ready part numbers, and user-definable part categorization for easy reporting. Keep track of superseded and interchangeable part numbers, and manage purchasing, shipping, and receiving documents effortlessly. AvPro offers complete part traceability and audit history by serial number, ensuring compliance and accountability. With features like barcode scanning, automated email notifications, and robust reporting options, AvPro simplifies your parts inventory management.

Component Maintenance

Safety and compliance are paramount in aviation, and AvPro's Component Maintenance module helps you stay on top of it all. Track unlimited aircraft IDs with ease, and monitor fleet status in real-time with our Fleet Status Monitor. AvPro enables you to track various intervals and recurring service types, such as inspections and on-condition maintenance activities. Attach related documents and internal notes to each item, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping. AvPro's forecasting feature assists in predicting maintenance due, parts, and labor requirements, allowing you to plan proactively.

Parts Sales

Optimize your parts sales process with AvPro's comprehensive Parts Sales module. Generate and manage quotes, estimates, and teardown quotes for your customers. AvPro supports multiple pricing tiers and allows you to assign customer discounts and mark-ups as needed. Email work estimates, customer invoices, packing slips, and other forms directly from the system. Keep track of parts on/off, inventory draws, miscellaneous parts, and outside labor/parts with ease. AvPro's Parts Sales module integrates seamlessly with inventory control and accounting modules, ensuring a smooth sales workflow.

Accounting Module

Discover the convenience of AvPro's Accounting module, and for those seeking even more streamlined financial management, we offer an optional add-on: QuickBooks integration. Seamlessly synchronize your financial data between AvPro and QuickBooks to eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce errors, and save valuable time. Effortlessly track accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the general ledger, while efficiently managing customer billing and vendor payments. AvPro's user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting provide valuable insights into your aviation business's financial health. Trust AvPro to optimize your accounting processes, and consider enhancing your experience with the optional QuickBooks integration. Contact us today to explore the benefits of AvPro's accounting solutions and discover how QuickBooks integration can elevate your aviation management.

Flexible Deployment

  • Web Hosted or Server-Based Options
  • Maintenance Forecasting Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Employee Training Module

Inventory Control

  • AvPro features a robust barcode based Parts Inventory Module with full Trace-ability and FAA/EASA Certification Document handling.

    Easily track and manage serialized aviation inventory, ensuring compliance with FAA maintenance procedures.

    Our tagging system eliminates paper forms and transcription errors. Each item is assigned a unique bar code with item description, serial number or Lot#, and expiration date. Simplify inventory management with accuracy and time savings.

Pilot Portal Module

  • Pilot duty times
  • Aircraft check-out
  • Squawks and discrepancies log
  • Training History
  • Training Reports
  • Detailed Reporting

Work Order Management

The aircraft work order software offers a comprehensive set of functions at the user’s fingertips. Users can view their complete account history, including invoices, payments, outstanding balances, and key account details for up to five years. The FAA repair station software includes a master console for making parts quotes, requisitioning parts from the inventory manager, and placing parts orders in the shopping cart for the purchasing manager to order. Managers can control miscellaneous charges, assign personnel, schedule tasks, and track employee hours and costs.

Component Maintenance

AvPro Software’s Component Maintenance application allows users to maintain an unlimited number of air frames for a single price, which is unlike most maintenance software applications in the market. Users can import physical components and sub-components for any air frame from a spreadsheet, which includes associated part numbers, serial numbers, and any service bulletins or maintenance directives.

Parts Quotes

The Parts Quotes, Sales & A/R module includes:

  • Parts quotes, sales orders, and invoicing
  • Pick tickets, packing slips, and certificates of conformance
  • Customer mailing list management
  • Fuel sales and point-of-sale (POS) features
  • Detailed customer account history
  • Payment management, including adjustments and deposits
  • Flexible and robust sales reports that are exportable
  • Integration with inventory and general ledger (G/L) modules
  • Customer statements and aging reports
  • Full parts traceability.

GAAP Accounting

The Full GAP Accounting module (A/R, A/P, G/L) includes:

  • Accounts payable, check writing, and bank reconciliation
  • Full general ledger with financial statements
  • Multi-division and multi-company support
  • Fixed asset management
  • Simple payroll processing
  • Seamless integration with all AvPro modules
  • Secure interface that is easy to use
  • Integration with inventory and general ledger modules
  • Customer statements and aging reports
  • Full parts traceability.


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