Aircraft Inventory Software


AvPro is an Aircraft Inventory Software Software has been designed as a suite of stand-alone applications that can also be integrated with one another to provide the optimum set of operational activities for MRO / Certified Repair Stations or Business Fleet Maintenance teams.

The Aircraft Inventory Software application consists of several user interface screens that allow customers to more efficiently manage typical serialized aviation inventory. It is imperative that maintenance teams have the capability to follow the movement and placement of inventory items by their individual serial number when they are used in any FAA maintenance procedure.

To accomplish this activity more efficiently, we have enabled the aircraft inventory software to utilize readily available bar code technology to ‘tag’ each item with a bar code containing the item description and its associated serial number or Lot# and Expiration Date details. This methodology eliminates the need to write down the information on paper forms while it eliminates errors associated with transcription, not to mention the time associated with recording this same information manually. By tagging and using these tags on each item, inventory management activity is greatly simplified, more accurate and much less time consuming.

Aircraft Inventory Software to Monitor Air Frame Parts

aircraft inventory software

Using the AvPro Aircraft Inventory Software database to track all inventory ‘subtractions’ and ‘additions’ allows users to maintain a ‘perpetual’ inventory count of everything in their warehouse(s). By setting an alert level attribute on each inventoried item, our aircraft inventory software application can also alert users when any item has been depleted to a level that would require a re-order and replacement. Other attributes allow users to assign a preferred vendor, their catalog number, contract prices, etc. so that any item can be quickly re-ordered and re-stocked with little effort.

Using the AvPro Aircraft Inventory Software A ‘shopping cart’ screen also allows users to place any number of defined items into the cart and have every item accumulated into an order record from their associated vendors with one click!

By streamlining the ability to more efficiently and more accurately manage all inventory additions and subtractions, users will appreciate the time savings, as well as the ability to run reports on all associated inventory activities (Purchase Order Receipts, Adjustments, Work Order usage, Transfers, Customer Sales, etc.) between any specified dates. More importantly, there is a comprehensive audit trail of serialized inventory item movement from the time it enters a facility to the point of use, a value added capability when working through an FAA audit.

Aircraft Inventory Software Database - Includes: Purchasing / Shipping & Receiving

  • Unlimited Part Number database
  • Up to 4 additional, searchable alternate part numbers
  • User Definable Part Categorization for Easy Reporting
  • Tracks superseded & Interchangeable part numbers
  • Flexible user defined units of measure, purchasing & stocking units
  • Manage PO’s, RO’s, RFQ’s, Receiving & Shipping Documents
  • Tracks PO, RO, Vendor & Sales History from one screen
  • PO Shopping Cart feature allows users to quickly generate PO’s to all suppliers
  • Tracks PO’s and Repair Orders for parts sent out
  • Link PO’s to Work Orders & Generate PO’s from Sales Orders
  • Email & Track Pricing Requests (RFQ’s)  to parts vendors
  • Manage/ Scan-in Packing Slips
  • Generate Receivers and archive/Scan-in Vendor Invoices
  • Tracks Hazardous Materials
  • Attach/View/Print Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Attach/View/Print FAA form 8130’s by part and serial number
  • Attach Documents such as videos, pictures, PDF’s, Etc. to any part / serial number
  • Complete Part Traceability and Audit History  by serial number from purchase to usage
  • Bar Code Ready. Scanner,  barcode font and label generator included
  • Barcode labels contain complete trace information on the label
  • Scan barcodes in a batch or one at a time
  • Tracks GFE, Customer, & Vendor consigned parts separately
  • Easy-to-Use part Additions & Subtractions screens
  • Check Stock Levels – alerts when parts fall below re-order point, includes automated email notification
  • Produce Physical Inventory Count Sheets & Adjustments – barcode based
  • Manage Part’s Serial# and Lot numbers by User Defined Condition Codes
  • Tracks Lot Numbers and Expiration dates on parts
  • Report Expiring Lots and Part’s Shelf Life
  • Tracks CMM/Parts Manuals and publications
  • Tracks Rotables, Serialized, and Consumable parts
  • Tracks parts in multiple warehouses by bin locations
  • Establish part on-hand minimums, bin location and re-order points in every warehouse location
  • Robust Reporting with data export to Excel and other formats
  • Kitting / BOM maintenance
  • Manage Mechanics Work Order Parts Requisitions
  • Import Vendor Parts and Price List updates
  • Easy to use, Intuitive, Large Screen Fonts, Highlighted colors for key information